JS Pro Construction

Our Building Process

The First Thing We Build Is a Relationship

JS Pro Construction

Your JS Pro Construction project is implemented according to a comprehensive and proven plan, which helps us anticipate and overcome challenges and assures that the process is well managed, easy for you to follow, and consistently aligned with budget and scheduling goals:

  1. Initial onsite consultation
  2. Conceptual design
  3. Initial research & ballpark budgeting
  4. Assemble & contract design team, consultants, and engineers
  5. Construction & design development drawings
  6. Material specification & finish schedule
  7. Structural engineering
  8. Township submittal & permitting
  9. Bidding & construction agreement
  10. Construction
  11. Maintenance & ongoing service

Success Is in the Details

There’s a reason JS Pro Construction is a preferred local luxury home builder and contractor for Long Beach Island communities: our process is finely managed down to the last detail. We communicate with you throughout to ensure you understand exactly how we are working to make your home building or renovation project a success.

Customized Experience

Customized experience from beginning to end. We have a defined approach and process. We also understand that no two projects are the same. We treat your custom home build or home renovation with the unique attention it deserves. We customize designs, construction stages, and operational elements as needed to ensure your project is ideally aligned with your vision for a successful outcome

Initial Onsite Consultation

We’ll meet where it’s most convenient for you to discuss your home, your vision, and your goals. This is an opportunity for our team to ask questions, gain an understanding of what a successful project looks like, and set expectations. Meeting in person creates a foundation for a relationship built on communication, trust, and a shared commitment to successfully reaching the finish line.

Planning & Design

Whether you have plans in hand or need professional assistance navigating the complexities of the architectural, engineering, township board, or permitting processes, JS Pro Construction can help. Our local experience and practical expertise are advantages that pay off in saving you time, money, and hassles.

Detailed, Transparent Contractual Process

We’re committed to ensuring you never face any cost surprises. We begin by presenting a proposal that is realistic, transparent, and detailed down to the line-item, so you can have a full and accurate understanding of the project costs and schedule. Discussing the proposal together allows you to make better, more confident decisions about the project. Only after all items have been confirmed do we present you with a final signature contract.

Personal Support & Assistance

JS Pro Construction offers personal support from our team at every stage of the process. We blend the scope and resources of a major construction company with a concierge level of attention. This best-of-both-worlds approach ensures our team is available whenever needed, from answering questions and giving suggestions throughout the design process, to taking you shopping to personally reviewing high-quality materials and fixtures, to walking you through the finishing touches needed to complete your home to the highest standards.